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What to expect during a coaching session

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

After leading teams for 10+ years, I decided to take training to become a certified coach. While I've always been an epithetic listener and people tend to come to me for advice, I learned that what I had been doing was not actually coaching.

Maya Angelou said, "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Now that I know how to be a better coach, I want to show you how coaching can help get you to your desired destination. Are you looking for help to move forward at work, or in your personal life? If so, a coach can help. A coaching relationship gives you space to talk through your challenges and feel heard and seen. A coach listens and asks questions to help you discover your values, motivations, and needs. Ultimately, a coach helps you plan for the outcome you want to achieve - and supports and celebrates you along the way!

It's your session

As you prepare for a coaching session, remember - it's your session! Think about a challenge or topic you'd like to discuss. At the beginning of the session, we'll talk about what you want to accomplish and what a successful session would look like. Here are some questions to consider when selecting a topic:

  • What are the top challenges and frustrations you experience?

  • What keeps you up at night?

  • What results are you looking for?

  • What habits do you want to improve?

The process During the session, I will provide a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space. I will listen to what you say, and what you are not saying. I will ask questions to get you to think more deeply about yourself and your topic. My role is to see who you are and help you see yourself and your current challenge with greater clarity. As I listen, I will invite you to consider new thoughts or ideas to move you closer to your goals that are aligned to your values.

The outcome

At the end of our session, you'll have a plan and resources to help you reach your goal. As your coach, I'll be right there with you to provide support and celebrate your success. I feel like it's so important to take the time to reflect and be proud of the progress you make.

Am I the coach for you? It's an honor for me to walk alongside people as their coach. There's nothing more rewarding than to watch my clients become empowered, see themselves with clarity and compassion, and to move them closer to their goals. I offer a free 20 minute discovery session so we can get to know each other and see if we'd like to work together.


About me

I bring over 20 years of diverse experience in executive and leadership roles in strategic marketing and communications in financial services. I founded Coaching and Consulting with Jillysue in 2023 after successfully completing the Coach U, Inc. intensive training course, accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In my prior roles, I used coaching philosophies to help develop team members adapt to change and achieve results. I graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and earned a miniMBA certificate.

To quench my creativity, I dabble in photography and handmade art. My husband and I are recent empty nesters and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. We like to hang out with family (including our two dogs) and friends, go to concerts, camp and travel. We also enjoy tailgate parties at the University of Cincinnati and Arizona State University with our three kids.

Learn more at

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